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How about some help around the home? Why not have your own Domestic Cleaner in Edgware?

Domestic Cleaner In Edgware

It would be great to be in control of the cleaning but it is easy to fall behind with things when there is so much else to do.

Why do every thing yourself. Help is at hand.

Our domestic cleaning service has reliable and trustworthy and fully vetted domestic cleaners in Edgware available now. In 1993 we established our domestic cleaning business since when we have been offering domestic cleaners to clients just like you.

Why invest what is certainly limited spare time on a second job for no pay when for a really reasonable charge you are able to have someone come in and do the cleaning at a time to fit in with you. It is possible to then actually have some "free time". Why not try it. You will wonder how you ever managed before.


Our cleaners can carry out a multitude of tasks. By way of example, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, clean the kitchen which includes worktops and cooker, microwave and fridge. Dust throughout the house, vacuum throughout the home. Mop floors. Empty bins wipe down surfaces.Do some ironing. This will all be very familiar to you. But now someone else will be doing it to help you.

We recognize you could be worried about letting a stranger into your property. Long before we set up the domestic cleaning company covering Edgware we had a cleaner introduced by friends. The fact is the first cleaner we had in our home we only new her first name and her telephone number. One day when she didn't turn up we realised we really didn't know anything about her and yet she had our house keys! That was more than 20 years ago. Fortunately she did return the following week.

This experience was a strong influence when we began our domestic cleaning company in 1993. We knew the key concern should be the security of our clients. Through the years we have continuously refined the verifications we make of our domestic cleaners to allow us to deliver you with people for whom we hold comprehensive particulars and also a photograph.

Organizing to have your personal domestic cleaner in Edgware

couldn't be easier. Simply telephone us and we will run through how it all works and answer any questions. Just let us know

which day you'd like your cleaner to come to do the work and we will also check with you for an overview of the cleaning tasks you would like the cleaner to achieve. We do not restrict you by having a list of tasks the cleaner will and will not do. We ask the cleaners to do anything you request that is reasonable and safe and comes within the ambit of general housework.

We will then search our database of cleaners to source one who's most suitable and nearby to you. We will then tell you who the cleaner is and then make arrangements for the cleaner to phone you to set up a time to come along.

We believe you will be surprised at how reasonable the cost is to have a domestic cleaner in Edgware. These are our Domestic Cleaning Rates.

Why not phone now on 020 8869 1144. For your convenience our answering service is available 24/7. Once we have spoken to you we are usually able to arrange a cleaner within 24 - 48 hours.

As an alternative you may just want to e-mail enquiries@jjcleaning.co.uk to arrange your Domestic Cleaner in Edgware.